5 May 2021

Children Press Office

The chicks of Mama Lorenza's Vocational Centre

Let us introduce you to the new guests of Mama Lorenza’s Vocational Centre: 50 chicks! A month ago, we built in the Centre a big henhouse in which animals are free-range and looked after by school staff and schoolgirls.

This activity was thoughtfully designed with the aim of increasing the sustainability of our projects, as any activity carried on by Children of Africa. In fact, the school canteen includes a meat ration every two weeks and two eggs’ rations a week, and we are planning to sell to the local community the products that will not be used for school needs.

Domestic breeding for household consumption is a very common practice in Kenyan rural villages and it is important that girls learn how to take care of it, in accordance with hygiene and safety rules.
Furthermore, in so doing we would like both to lend the environment a helping hand, thanks to the use of locally derived products with sustainable practices and make certain that schoolgirls are provided with healthy and quality food.

As you can see, the girls of Mama Lorenza’s Vocational Centre keep learning new things and getting involved, going on with their growth path in a familiar and sustainable environment!


Translated by Aurora Marchetti