Sponsor a child

Supporting a child overseas means providing him the primary needs in the context in which she/ he lives, while helping the entire family unit.

The signing of distance adoption involves a serious commitment, for which we ask for a certain continuity over the years, in the interest of the child himself.

How distance support works with Children of Africa

What is made thanks to distance support?

Thanks to the contribution/help of godparents and godmothers, we support children from a scholastic, psychological, health and food point of view.

Through distance support you can guarantee to a boy or a girl who lives in rural villages in Kenya:

  • school attendance (school fees, uniforms, materials, personal effects)
  • health protection
  • food assistance
  • psychological support

The support is given to a boy or a girl but it is often also used to support other children in the family and all activities are adapted to the needs of the local community.

Alongside the inclusion of the child in school, we raise parents’ awareness of the importance of school education and organize family planning, hygiene education, female empowerment and children’s rights meetings. We also help parents in starting income-generating activities, which we monitor through regular meetings.


Our local staff constantly works closely with families and local communities to ensure that the context in which the children supported at distance live is adequate for their needs.

Supporting these children in their studies is very important for the entire community in which they live. Very often those who could finish high degree or graduate from high school thanks to our Foundation, and consequently find a job, undertake to help their families, supporting their younger brothers and sisters in their studies.

Who are the children supported at distance?

The children who are selected to be supported at distance are chosen with very specific criteria, following interviews conducted by the project manager in rural areas in collaboration with other staff members. Those who have absolutely no possibility to be enrolled in school by their parents are selected.

Where the supported at distance children live?

At the moment we are mainly present in four rural villages in Kenya: Jaribuni and Makombeni, in Kilifi County, and Majoreni and Mwamose, in Kwale County.

The four contexts, although varied and each with its own characteristics, have common features: large and often single-parent families, still very high rates of illiteracy, poor group collaboration and widespread poverty, measured in terms of access to water, food, education, medical care and poor hygiene.

What does the supporter receive?

After the request to join a program of distance support, we will send a photo of the child and his / her story. It is possible to establish a relationship with the child through letters or drawings, for a greater mutual understanding.

The adopter receives annually:

  • the child’s school results to monitor progress
  • an updated photograph to see him grow
  • important news about him and his family
  • the Foundation’s annual booklet containing updates on the projects
  • the tax certificate with the report of the donations

Once the adoption request has been received, before entrusting the child to the new godfather / godmother, our staff takes care of determining who is most in need at that moment. Our qualified social worker goes to rural villages several times to meet families and to ensure that support goes indeed to the most vulnerable. For these reasons, the adoption process can take a few weeks.

Tax benefits

Like all donations, the amounts for Distance Adoption are also deductible through the tax return for individuals and companies.

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How much it costs and the payment methods

The fee to support a boy or girl is CHF 50 or Eur 45 per month, payable in monthly, quarterly, half-yearly installments or in a single annual installment, deductible from federal, cantonal and municipal taxes in Switzerland and Italy.

We recommend activating direct debit (domiciliation), which allows us to plan all our activities more regularly. The donation can be made by credit card, bank transfer or postal order.

Duration of support

It is important that the support continues for as long as possible and until the end of the child’s studies, because only with a constant contribution will we be able to significantly improve the lives of children and their communities.

At the end of the year, the supporter will receive, in addition to an update on the child’s activities, a form to confirm or terminate the adoption.

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Translated by Giada Casali