Gives people voice


Africa must be listened to.

Inside the immense space, shapes and noises are moving.
Africa must be listened to!
It must be listened through the voice of nature, following the path and the language of the wind in the grass… the hiss of whistling acacias… the rustling that animals make as they moving in the savannah and their voices in the night.

– Lorenza –

Our vision

Children of Africa aspires to a world in which disadvantaged young people can learn the necessary skills to be the rulers of their future and make conscious choices, so as becoming protagonists of change in the communities in which they live.

Our mission

Children of Africa is an NGO that operates in Kenya to support children and young people of the weakest social groups, with particular attention to the female gender, guaranteeing them access to quality education, health and food protection, psychological accompaniment and support to families of origin.



30 August 2022

Children Press Office

Students back at Mama Lorenza after the elections

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26 August 2021

Children Press Office

Congratulazioni alle neo-diplomate!

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25 July 2021

Children Press Office

Weaving the Future second step: family planning

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Translated by Monica Giancaspro