5 May 2021

Children Press Office

300 masks for Mvindeni

As we have already told you during the current year, this global pandemic has a particularly significant effect on the poorest countries, like Kenya, and it often happens that the most vulnerable people have limited access to information.

During the last few months our staff organised several training sessions to explain to local communities in which we work some ground rules to cope with the infection, such as social distancing, hygiene and above all the use of face masks.

But, regardless of the need to inform and to make people understand the potential risks of the virus, it is often difficult for people to find even the most common protection devices, such as for example masks.

For this reason, we wanted to make a gift to some children of the public school closest to our Mama Lorenza’s Vocational Centre, called Myindeni. Since we sometimes use their pitch to organise friendly football matches, we have already built a good relationship with them.

Nearly 1,600 students attend that school and teachers showed us the most vulnerable children, to whom we donated 300 masks.

One of the children had even fabricated himself a mask using his maths notebook, an extreme creative idea, but unfortunately not so effective from the protection point of view.

We are so happy to say that now, thanks to our contribution, he will also be able to protect himself adequately from the virus, wearing one of the masks created by the schoolgirls of the MLVC!


Translated by Aurora Marchetti